Chefs Ashore

Chef Takeo Yamazaki Blending East and West at Yoshi Monaco

When a young Takeo Yamazaki started working in a small Japanese restaurant to save up for his first motorcycle, little did he know that he would go on to become one of Japan's most respected culinary wizards.


From Fine Dining to Flipping Burgers - Four Chefs at the Top of Their Game

From fine dining British cuisine to flipping the best burgers in Sydney, these four culinary geniuses attract travellers from near and far with signature dishes full of fun and flair.


Daniel Echasseriau Talks Cuisine at Marigot Bay

As the director of food & beverage and culinary operation at the Marigot Bay Resort and Marina on the eastern Caribbean island of St Lucia, Daniel Echasseriau brings with him over 26 years of experience curating delectable dining experiences.