Chartering a yacht is the ultimate luxury but the experience is down to the people and the crew who make it happen. 
These are the stories we are here to tell.

The Yacht
MY The Wellesley 3 - Superyacht Profiles

MY The Wellesley (56m)

A seamless continuation of the brand’s high-end, roaring 20s-inspired central London hotel of the same name, the 56.2 metre MY The Wellesley is one of the most popular charter yachts on the market, built by Oceanco in 1993, with a spectacular refit in 2013.

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Captain & Crew
Captain David Potts - MY The Wellesley - Superyacht Profiles

Captain David Pott, The Wellesley (56m)

Born and raised in South Africa, David is one of The Wellesley's two young and dynamic rotation captains, having spent over 14 years working on motor yachts ranging from 32-90m, including 44m Jems, 52m Sairam, 70m Apoise and 90m Nero.

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Chef & Cuisine
MY Silver Wind cuisine Superyacht Stories

Chef Ricardo de Zwaan, MY Apogee (62m)

With a background working in the high-pressure kitchens of Michelin-star restaurants in Europe, Chef Ricardo de Zwaan is always up for a challenge, promising colourful cuisine fit for a king.

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The Yacht
MY Preference 19 4 - Superyacht Profiles

MY Preference 19 (36m)

If you're looking for activity and adventure this season, then the 36 metre Tansu superyacht Preference 19 is the one for you, having a brand-new watersports setup, livable outdoor areas and a stylish laid-back interior.

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With the growing appetite for immersive experiences and adventures off the grid, we meet the people behind the scenes and explore the hidden gems in yachting hotspots around the globe. 


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