Middle East

An up and coming destination for superyacht travel, the Middle East is one of the most exciting places to watch for those who dare to explore. From Dubai's sparkling seas to Saudi Arabia's resplendent coastline, if they can dream it, they can do it.

Exploring the Middle East's Most Desirable Superyacht Hotspots

With its blend of timeless charm, opulent luxury and captivating experiences, it’s no surprise that over recent years, The Middle East has emerged as a remarkable superyacht destination.


Saudi Arabia Superyacht Hotspots

Saudi Arabia is fast becoming the Riviera of the Middle East, drawing a sophisticated in-crowd seeking a stylish and authentic destination.


Dubai Superyacht Hotspots

When it comes to winter superyacht charters, captains have long been limited to the likes of the Caribbean and South America for good weather and easy access from both the US and UK. Until now, that is.


From Saudi to Sudan: Exploring The Red Sea

An underwater world home to a kaleidoscope of colours, the scale of opportunity for both yacht owners and charterers is shaping a new wave in
bespoke travel to the Red Sea.


Red Sea Superyacht Hotspots

Food, music, culture and geographical beauty abound in the Red Sea, making it an irresistible magnet for the world’s largest and most state-of-the-art superyachts.


Discover Amaala: A Bold Vision for the Red Sea

A 3,300 sqm gigaproject that will serve as a super-luxury wellness tourism destination on the Saudi Arabia Coast, Amaala, which is set for completion in 2028, really is one of a kind and the ultimate stopover for superyachts.