North America

Be it Alaska's snow-covered mountains, the white sandy beaches of the Bahamas or the untamed wilderness of British Columbia, North America has something for all seasons. As unique as they are breathtaking, these destinations need to be seen to be believed.

Alaska Superyacht Hotspots

From its soaring snow-covered mountains to its maze of uninhabited islands, Southeast Alaska is as unique as it is breathtaking. A destination as remote as they come, it’s only accessible by air or boat, making it the perfect destination for superyacht travel.


British Columbia Superyacht Hotspots

Set between the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, the untamed wilderness of British Columbia is simply breathtaking, all the more so for sitting right alongside Vancouver, one of the world’s most beautiful and vibrant cities.


New England Superyacht Hotspots

The rugged Atlantic coastline of New England has long been a magnet for the world’s leading sailors thanks to its connections with the America’s Cup, but there’s so much more to this historic corner of America, which is a superyacht charterer’s dream destination.


Miami: 10 Hotspots for Superyacht Guests

A short walk to the world-famed Miami Beach, moor your superyacht at IGY’s One Island Park marina and you’ll be footsteps away from the city’s white sandy beaches, eclectic shopping, pulsating dance venues, sidewalk cafés and so much more.