Celebrating a Special Occasion On Board a Superyacht

While chartering a superyacht is a special occasion in itself, if you’re looking to go the extra mile with a once-in-a-lifetime event – be it a wedding, a significant birthday, a major achievement or just because – then you’ve come to the right place.

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The moment you leave land and step on board your superyacht is the moment you leave the regular world behind and enter one where tailormade, unique and bespoke experiences unravel before you.

Whatever the occasion, there’s no place more special to celebrate, with a professional crew on hand to help create that unique and exquisite event that fulfils a dream.

For the kids

When it comes to animated celebrations for the little ones, themed events are extremely popular among crew and it’s not uncommon for them to dress up and entertain with dance, song and traditions based on the local cruising grounds.

 The crew might dress up as heroes and heroines, pirates or Spiderman, climbing around the yacht, peeking out of hidden nooks and crannies and diving into the water, a spectacle that never fails to delight the younger guests on board.

Surprise Surprise

Crew love nothing better than going all out for a guest’s special occasion – if you can dream it, they can do it! For a renowned 21st birthday celebration, one crew filled the entire yacht with helium balloons of all shapes and sizes for a true Instagram moment. And just before setting sail after a wedding anniversary dinner, one captain organised a surprise firework display lighting up the sky for the happy couple to the sound of ‘New York, New York’, where the husband had originally popped  the question.

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And it’s not uncommon for crew to assist with marriage proposals during a charter either, perhaps arranging a surprise picnic on a secluded beach or an intimate dinner alfresco surrounded by candles and live music.

Many yachts also host weddings – surely the ultimate backdrop for the family album!

No request too big

Crew tend to be highly creative and imaginative with their ideas, often enacting themes and activities that you wouldn’t expect to find on board a yacht. Standout examples include boules played on an initialled cashmere carpet and a golf tournament complete with a professional golfer, biodegradable golf balls and floating targets at sea.

 No time? No worries! One owner requested an onboard party for more than 200 guests less than five hours before it was scheduled to begin, with the crew being able to perform the unthinkable to the utmost precision.

Engage with the environment

One of the big draws of a superyacht charter  is being able to get up close and personal with marine life, but what if you were able to do your bit for the environment, too?

One crew and guests with diving experience assisted in placing 80 sea anchors with transponders on the sea floor to record when a school of sharks were passing, enabling them to better understand their behaviour. Another searched for turtle tracks from the air using the owner’s helicopter, allowing scientists to observe their movements and study their behaviour.

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Real winter wonderlands

Chartering over Christmas and the New Year  is another popular choice, a time for families  to come together and celebrate while the crew transform your yacht into a winter wonderland full of personal touches and thoughtful ideas.

“On a private yacht charter, owners and guests are blessed with some of the best service in the world,” says Inge Nielsen, founder of Inge Nielsen Ltd, a company dedicated to creating unique experiences on board. “Allowing you to explore some of the world’s most exclusive regions and revel in the pristine, unspoiled beauty of remote islands, hidden coves and secret dive sites, they can plan every detail to perfection.”

“In the end it’s the drive to please and deliver an exceptional experience through a thoughtful approach where a team cares deeply about producing nothing short of excellence, which can truly be felt by the guests on board,” says Peter Vogel of Luxury Hospitality Management.

If you’re looking for something truly special, the unique setting of a superyacht together with the crew’s imagination, thoughtfulness and fine eye for detail are sure to deliver, creating memories that you will cherish for life.

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