Shaping the Wave with Superyacht Nautique

Written By: Linda Revill

Building on a simple mission to supply the very best tenders and toys to superyachts, SYTT's latest venture is a collaboration with Nautique, market leaders in the design and manufacture of wake boats - a smart move uniting two giant brands in the watersports community.

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It’s refreshing when a company chooses a name that says exactly what it does. Superyacht Tenders and Toys (SYTT) arrived in the yachting industry in 2011 and they didn’t just arrive, they burst through the door like an excited teenager who’s just been given the keys to the toy box and been told to fill their boots. While many wished they’d thought of it first, we have all watched the exponential growth of a company dedicated entirely to the playtime of the rich and famous. 

What a way to make a living - and make a living they do - by firmly establishing themselves as the go-to supplier for every conceivable superyacht looking to invest in water toys above and below the water. 

SYTT provide a complete solution for yachts from garage design to outfitting, customisation and consultancy. Often involved from the get-go, their in-house team of designers provide specialist advice on everything from technical dive spaces and shelving to chocks and trolleys, ensuring the most efficient storage and deployment of all the goodies on board.

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Their success was recognised early when the company received The Queen’s Award for Enterprise in 2017 - the UK’s highest accolade for business success and a tribute to their contribution to international trade and sustainable development.

A year on from a trip to Buckingham Palace and SYTT made a respectable appearance in The Sunday Times Lloyds SME Export Track 100, followed by The Sunday Times Virgin Atlantic Fast Track 100 less than 12 months later.

Building on a simple mission to supply the very best tenders and toys to superyachts, SYTT’s latest venture is a collaboration with Nautique, market leaders in the design and manufacture of wake boats. This is a discerning move, bringing the two giants of water sports together in the creation of Superyacht Nautique dedicated to the large yacht market.

Nautique is a subsidiary of Correct Craft, established in the US in 1925, renowned for the production of quality craft throughout the storms of time, including the Great Depression. In the early 1940s, the standard of build so impressed General Eisenhower that he requested 400 boats to be built in 30 days to contribute to the war effort. The company quickly developed an innovative production process to meet this demand, hailed as “miracle production” by National Geographic.

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The 1990s were a turning point when Correct Craft responded to the growing popularity of water sports and established Air Nautique to revolutionise the wake boarding market. With considerable investment in R&D their challenge was to create everything from no wake to mountains of water behind the boat for knee boarding and wake boarding. Success coupled with a strong foothold in the water sports community soon made Nautique the undisputed brand of choice for shaping the wave.

Fast forward to 2020 and heading up project management for the new joint venture is ex-crew and water sports expert Angus Gilmour who explains the vision: “At the core, Nautique are committed to giving their customers a great experience and creating a community of people who all enjoy getting out on the water and having some fun. As Superyacht Nautique, we will continue these values into the superyacht industry, creating a community of yachties and owners who all enjoy being out on the water.” 

Fascinated by the mechanism behind wave provision, Angus tells me, “It’s the unique hull design of Nautique boats that shapes the water behind the vessel to suit the particular activity. The control panel on the helm ensures the perfect wave for each individual and the settings can be saved so the preferred speed, ballast configuration and wave size are a mere click away.”

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When I ask if it’s a fair weather, flat water pursuit the answer is yes, and no. “The range is heavy and therefore holds its way in the water well. The combination of hull design and stability assures the riders of safety, and the sheer audacity of the design of the surf system to create waves and shape nature is worthy of respect!”

With sustainability being the buzz word of 2020, Nautique’s electric models have also been welcomed with a string of innovation awards straight out of the box. Riding on clean energy, the Ingenity P220 is the highest performing electric towboat propulsion system in the world, securing Nautique’s future beyond internal combustion engines. 

To experience the silence of one of the zero-emission Super Air Nautique GS22E models is a treat, a relaxed and peaceful journey back to base after a fast and exhilarating ride of non-stop fun on the water. It’s extraordinary that a battery can provide propulsion of up to 38 knots for one and half hours, with a charge to full capacity in just two hours.

The versatility of the range is unique and the grip for performance is unmatched, but the true prestige of the brand lies in the sheer quality of their craft. On initial viewing, Nautique is pricier than its competitors but the additional equipment provided with the basic models far outweighs any effort to match a superior product by adding bits and pieces to an alternative without the Nautique badge on the side.

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When considering the Nautique 21’, 23 and 25’ models in their Paragon and Super Air Nautique ranges, it’s refreshing to see that the interiors have also been created to provide a superior level of comfort for spectators rarely seen on water sports boats. Ingenious seating design ensures flip-up and reversible seating options to create a wraparound configuration from which to watch all the action.

The Nautique 25’ is coded for up to 18 people and while Angus agrees this may slightly diminish sports performance, a more appropriate capacity of 12 on board is comfortable and the surfer won’t notice any reduction in pleasure of play.

Crane capacity is an important consideration with all models, but the team at Superyacht Nautique will ensure all safety and regulatory guidelines are followed. With every purchase familiarisation is also part of the package. Angus or one of his colleagues will arrive to hand over the keys and train the crew to achieve the very best results, covering storage, lifting and driving skills, before leaving with a handshake and the guarantee of technical support for the lifetime of the vessel.

Developing a vibe around the brand in the yachting community seems inevitable as already Superyacht Nautique are exceeding the demands of water sports enthusiasts and redefining elements of the sport itself. We watch with interest as they continue to make waves. 


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