• 38m | Sanlorenzo | 2012
the Captain
Sergios Kakarantzas

Captain Sergios Kakarantzas has a perspective on life that is as wide open and vivid as the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean on which he’s built his career. Where many sailors see knots, diesel and charts, Sergios instead sees the beauty of a starry night, the light streaming into the saloon, and the energy of a happy crew delivering memories of a lifetime to their guests.

After a start in commercial shipping, Sergios switched to superyachting. He now plies the turquoise waters of the Med, embarking on unforgettable trips on one of the industry’s finest yachts, to unforgettable places with unforgettable people.


Read on as Captain Sergios details a superyacht charter on board Souraya, from the trusty crew of eight who keep the wheels turning (and the cocktails coming) to the plethora of water toys just waiting to be taken out on the ocean.

Please tell us a little about your background and how you got into yachting? 

I graduated from the Merchant Marine Academy in 1992 and worked in merchant shipping until 2001. Then, a close friend of mine told me to try the yachting industry and thank God I did. Yachting really opened a whole new world to me, filled with beautiful moments.

How long have you been a captain and what are some of the yachts you’ve worked on? 

I’ve been a captain since 2003 and have worked on some remarkable yachts like Aeolos, O’Rea, O’Pari, O’Rion, Dana, Allure, Erga, Tacanuya, and my current yacht Souraya, which I joined in 2017.

How would you describe the owner’s vision for the yacht? 

I’ve always been impressed with the owner’s love for the yacht. They’re one of the most remarkable people I’ve ever met, with a passion for excellence in every aspect of the yacht.

How would you describe the style and personality of the yacht?

The yacht is an artistic statement of the owner’s style. It blends wonderfully into the sea environment, offering all on board an aura of relaxation and happiness. 

How would you describe the ambience on board Souraya? 

Judging from our guests’ experience, I’d say that it reflects tranquillity, happiness, joy and relaxation at the same time. 

What’s your personal style as captain? 

I pay extra attention to the smallest details because in my opinion, even the smallest thing matters. This is also my main goal while attending my guests; I want everything to be perfect for them in order to ensure that they have a good time on board.

What’s the best thing about working on this yacht?

That’s a long list! Simply working on board is the best on its own. 

What are some of the standout features of Souraya?

The yacht’s wide-open spaces and large windows with an unobstructive design really help to blend the outdoors with the indoors. It creates a very immersive environment on board. 

Which areas of the yacht do guests most tend to gather on board?

The upper deck and the sun deck are probably the areas that our guests love the most. 

Which types of clients are the most attracted to charter?

I can’t really describe a specific type of guest. They’re all so different. 

What types of experience can you offer charter guests?

The answer to that is: Whichever ones they’re looking for. Our job is to accomplish their dream vacation. 

How would you describe the style and approach of the crew?

Polite and happy. They are always there to do whatever is required. One of the reasons I’m so glad to work on this yacht is the crew. They make it one of the best experiences ever. It really feels like a family, in which you are always welcome for a holiday’s dinner. 

Please share some examples where you and your crew have gone above and beyond to make the guest experience as special as possible.

On one occasion we had to transfer our guests back to the yacht at 5am from a party in Mykonos, while on anchorage. We had to prepare delicious food and cocktails, making sure the jacuzzi was filled with warm water. We then ensured that the yacht was properly aligned for them to watch the sunrise. 

Are there some interesting personalities or talents among the crew?

Well, a chief steward with great cocktail knowledge, a sailor with an overwhelming love for diving and watersports, a cook with a great sense of taste, and an excellent bond among all the crew members is a recipe for success on its own. 

How are the yacht and the crew prepared to accommodate children and teenagers on charter?

We had infants of two months old and had the yacht equipped with all the necessary things a baby would need. We’ve also had teenagers with an endless amount of energy enjoying every single moment on board. 

How would you describe the cuisine?

Our guests don’t want to dine away from the yacht and our cuisine is the reason for that! Our chef and I ensure that we deliver the best gastronomic experience.

Tell us about the toys and tenders – which toys are the most popular with guests?

PWCs, tubes, kayaks, canoes, SUPs, snorkelling, waterskiing, and the SeaBob are among the things our guests use the most. The PWCs are the most popular by far. 

What are your usual cruising grounds?

Aegean, Ionian, Saronic Gulf, Southern Peloponnese, Dodecanese are our most visited areas. 

Which destinations are your personal favourites and why? 

I’d say that Ionian is my favourite place to be. The weather is always great and there you can actually visit some of the best places in the world. Being in calm waters and picturesque villages is probably what most of our guests are looking for when they vacation and this is what we intend to offer them. 

What have been some of the highlights or your favourite memories as captain of Souraya?

There’s so many of them actually. One of them that keeps popping in my mind, though, was when we were anchored in an isolated bay on a starry night, and while our guests were having a night swim, all of a sudden the night sky was filled with shooting stars leaving everyone in awe.