Helios 2

  • 51.13m | Palmer Johnson | 2002 (2019)
the Captain
Wessel Vorster

Born and raised in South Africa, Captain Wessel Vorster attended a School of the Arts during his high school years, before a stint at a prestigious production company ignited his passion for art, photography and travel. He started his yachting career in 2009 and has been cruising all corners of the globe ever since, working on board a number of superyachts including the 196ft MY Podium and the 295ft MY Barbara.

Now working on rotation on Helios 2 with Captain Curtis Cook, Captain Wessel is more than willing to offer a helping hand to crew or guests requiring assistance with the upmost professionalism, ensuring each and every charter is one to remember. When not on board, he live in the US with his wife.

A relaxed ambiance, exquisite food and exhilarating experiences are just the start of what you can expect during a charter on board MY Helios 2. Captain Wessel gives us the low down... 

Please tell us a little about your background and how you got into yachting?

I studied video production after high school. The company I worked for got hired in 2008 to film a New Year’s Eve party in the Seychelles and the yacht Coral Island was anchored off the property and caught my attention. I started looking into it, and soon after, I left for France to start my first job. 

How long have you been a captain and what are some of the yachts you’ve worked on?

 I joined Helios 2 in March 2021 and it’s my first captain position, but previously I have worked on the 89m Barbara, 63m Lady M, 50m Casino Royale & 60m Limelight.

How would you describe the owner’s vision for Helios 2?

The owners want the yacht to be a place where they and their guests can come to simply relax, get pampered, and be isolated from the stress and distractions of the real world.

How would you describe the style and personality of Helios 2?

She is a timeless, highly pedigreed yacht, blending both modern and classic styles.

How would you describe the ambiance on board?   

There’s definitely a very relaxed family ambiance on board, blended with the compelling attraction of a warm and pleasant nautical experience.

What’s your personal style as captain?  

I see myself as a calm, collected and approachable individual while maintaining the uttermost professionalism with guests' satisfaction and boat safety as a top priority.

What’s the best thing about working on this yacht?  

Definitely a combination of great crew and great owners.

What are some of the standout features of the yacht? 

She has a spacious layout boasting privacy and elegance, and offers excellent outside spaces for relaxing and entertaining.

Which areas of the yacht do guests most tend to gather on board?  

The yacht has many great areas to relax in and ‘find some space. Guests love to gather on the sundeck to watch a movie – it’s always a treat, especially under the stars.  

What types of experience can you offer charter guests?

We offer all the experiences of a modern yacht, and we work closely with the clients to accommodate their needs and wishes to make their trips truly memorable. 

How would you describe the style and approach of the crew in three words?

Professional, approachable, and happy. 

How are the yacht and the crew prepared to accommodate children and teenagers on charter?  

The crew go above and beyond to accommodate and entertain guests of all ages. We take the clients’ individual needs into consideration to make sure all requests are met.

Tell us about the toys and tenders – which toys are the most popular with guests?  

Helios 2 offers a wide assortment of water toys and a large tender for an enjoyable charter experience. We have SeaBobs, hydrocycles, Jet skis and paddleboards, all which are very popular.

What are your usual cruising grounds?

You’ll find us in the Bahamas, Caribbean and Mediterranean. 

Which destinations and your personal favourites and why?

I really liked Alaska, it was off the beaten path and offered a true wilderness experience. Not your everyday yachting experience, that’s for sure.