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Turtle Outreach on Taboga Island

On October 13 2003, Tobago was selected by the World Travel Awards in New York City as being "Home to the Best Eco-Destination in the World", and as "The #1 Eco-Destination in the Caribbean" at the Caribbean Travel Awards Committee in London on November 13, 2003. While these awards are great news for Tobago's economy, if the island is to enjoy this reputation, it must be a good steward of its natural assets, and not let them be exploited.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Year Overview

An international non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organisation established in 1977, Sea Shepherd uses direct action to defend marine wildlife and protect their habitat in the world's oceans. Discover what they accomplished during 2019...

A Drop in a Plastic Ocean: How One Person Can Make a Difference

Emily De Sousa, founder and owner of the sustainable travel blog “Airplanes and Avocados” discusses sustainable travel options, marine conservation issues and how we can all change the world, one person at a time.